Frozen food

Frozen food

Frozen food is food we can trust!

Quality. Freezing food is like pressing a “pause” button: a fully natural process that allows one to capture the product at its best during the collection, catching or manufacturing of products.

Taste. Freezing does not affect the flavour of the food. It is almost impossible to feel the difference between the quality of fresh and frozen foods.

Selection. Frozen food can be supplied from all over the world – a wide product mix all year round.

Origin. Products usually undergo freezing during their appropriate season, in the locations of their plentiful crops while they are at their best, or offered from authentic spots.

Convenience. Frozen food is always available and easy to prepare: less work, less mess.

Less waste. Frozen food is wasted less because it has a much longer shelf life. This can help reduce waste not only in the stores but also at home.

Health. Frozen food is just as good for your health as fresh food. Moreover, refrigeration reduces the need for artificial food preservatives and other additives used to extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

Cost-effectiveness. Frozen food is often cheaper than fresh food because the product can be prepared and frozen at the highest supply of raw materials and with the lowest price.

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